Sunday, 18 November 2012

Emmas Imagination/Dee/CAAPS & Suspire

First off can I just say thank you to everyone who's helped get this blog to 23000 views in just under 4 months. It's good to know that people read what I do.

Every so often I get the chance to check out a new venue, and when I'm at that venue chances are I get to listen some superb music. Admittedly not all music is brilliant, but when you immerse yourself in the music scene around Scotland 90% of what you hear is worth listening to again. Tonight I got myself along to the "Suspire" single launch at the "Art School Union" in Glasgow. A venue which I hope is utilized more often, the sound seems to be spot on, of course that is always helped my a good sound technician.

For the past year, there has been act who I've been dying to see perform. Ever since a friend introduced me to her music "Emma's Imagination" has been the top of my "Must See List" and tonight I finally got the chance. For those of you who don't know, Emma won Sky 1's "Must be the music" in 2010, and although I never actually saw the show I can see exactly why she won. When Emma took to the stage I was so full of anticipation, here it was........a year of waiting and finally the moment had come. Here I was standing in such an intimate venue with her standing feet away and I was waiting.........then she started. Wow........any expectations I had about what I was in for were blown away. When recorded, Emmas voice is astonishing but live it truly gives you goosebumps. Her voice is so gentle yet so powerful with a range that most vocalists would envy, the way she can reach such a high pitch and instantly bring it back down is nothing short of wonderful. I was looking forward to the whole set but when you hear "Focus" live it is nothing short of amazing and really is a stand out song. Hearing Emma stripped back without a band or any sort of accompaniment really shows the talent that got her the winners title of "Must be the music" If I could go back and change my "Top 10" blog then Emma would be right up near the top.

Next up was "Dee" an act who I'm ashamed to say I had never heard of before tonight. Dee has a voice that is so well controlled and so passionate that it resonates through every lyric that she sings. As I'm writing this I've sourced out her Soundcloud page and am currently listening to "Beautiful Thief" which is a very well constructed piece of music. Her backing band are a group of musicians obviously well versed in technique and perform well together, throughout the set there was not one bum note or hiccup that I could notice. My favourite song from her set was a song called "Love Glow" (at least I think that's what's it called) and it was so reminiscent of a late 90's rock track. When the song actually started, for the first few bars I just had this image of it belonging in an "American Pie" soundtrack. Dee is definitely an act that I will be looking out for in the future and I will definitely try and see her perform again.

I need to take a moment at this point to mention the buffet. It's not often I get to write about what I do now (Music) and my previous career (Chef) in the same blog, but I do tonight. I have never witnessed a buffet at a gig, and I have never witnessed a buffet as good as what I saw (and tasted tonight) I think I ate three full chickens and  so much Pizza Bread. I think even if the music was bad, then I would have enjoyed being there just for the food.

Up next was "CAAPS"................I've been trying to figure out what to say about CAAPS. So much overdrive on the guitar, no frontman, a bass player who insisted on doing "Gary Tank Commander" Impressions throughout the set. Basically, music wise I wouldn't have these guys at the top of my list, or even in the middle of the list. However, saying that............."CAAPS" are a thoroughly entertaining band with a hell of a lot of energy.

The final act of the night was the act we had all came to see......"Suspire" a band who I've heard a lot about, watched a lot of videos on "YouTube" listened to a lot of their songs but I had never witnessed them live. They opened the night with "Salvation Sister" a song which, being familiar with, I thoroughly enjoyed. Following that was "Get Yourself Together" not one of my favourite "Suspire" tracks but still worth a listen. With "Compromise" and "Hold On" I really felt the band were getting into their stride. There's something strangely captivating about these guys on stage, they don't have a tremendous stage presence but watching them do what they do is riveting. From guitar chords that really pack a punch, to the subtle tones of the keyboard and right through to some great drum timings, watching this band is enough to make anyone want more. By the time "Catalyst" came around I was dying for the band to keep playing, for them to keep belting out tracks that really make you tap your feet. I don't know what it is, but there's a slight tinge of "Muse" behind what they do, and at this point in time I think most people will agree that Muse are possibly the hottest band in the world right now. Suspire then announced that they were about to play their last song, and I couldn't help but feel a strain of sadness. I could have watched this band for hours on end and not became bored. They ended with "Dodos" the new single, a track which I only heard for the first time yesterday morning and instantly fell in love with. There's so much creativity that goes into making "Suspire" what they are, the entire mix is a mix that needs to remain untouched. I think they are one band who I can definitely say need to keep doing what they're doing and don't change anything because they have a winning formula.

Check them out

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